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The Gender Gap In Top Medical Journals: Why More Men Get Top Billing

Women are graduating from medical school in greater numbers than ever before. In 1970, women made up under 10 percent of graduates. Today, it’s nearly 50 percent. When it comes to who is getting published in top medical journals, though, women are behind. Doctors say the gender gap in medical research isn’t just an academic concern — it has implications for our health.

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Entrance of Plano Facility

Texas Data Centers Finding New Ways To Stay Cool

In the U.S., we guzzle down data – on our phones and computers – and generally don’t think much about where all that content is stored. It’s stored in places called data centers, and they’re a fundamental part of the infrastructure of the 21st century. The problem: Many of them are stuck in the past. A few companies building data centers in Texas though are trying to boost energy efficiency.

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In Fort Worth, Doctors Want To Use Technology To Predict Child Abuse

Doctors at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth are used to treating cases of abuse. But what they’d really like to do is prevent it. So they’re experimenting with “big data” technology that could help predict neighborhoods where kids are most likely to be abused.

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The only naloxone auto-injector approved by the FDA.

The Drug To Reverse Opioid Overdoses Is Legal In Texas, But It’s Tough To Find

Lindsey Davidson says finding heroin is Texas easy; finding the drug to reverse an overdose, that’s hard.

“There is only one place in Texas to get Naloxone for free, and that’s in Austin. Completely inaccessible to people who live in DFW.”

Davidson, who’s a registered nurse, was interested in the medicine because of her older sister.

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Warren J. Smith III shows where he inserted antibiotic medication through an IV in his arm.

Uninsured Parkland Patients Help Care For Themselves And Save Hospital Money

The Holy Grail in health care is finding a way to cut costs and improve outcomes. Researchers at UT Southwestern and Parkland Hospital say they’ve uncovered a way to do both – so that patients who typically have to stay in the hospital for more than a month can go home and care for themselves. The program could help hospitals save significantly and give patients independence.

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