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Ralph Taylor Ralph Taylor, who served seven years in the Navy during the 1960s, was one of the first veterans referred to Key-Whitman Eye Center in Dallas.

Private Practice Doctors Help North Texas VA Meet Demand

In Texas, four medical centers serving veterans have some of the nation’s worst wait times for new patients. In Dallas, it takes an average of forty days to schedule an appointment with a VA doctor.*

To speed up access to health care, the North Texas VA is ramping up partnerships with private practice doctors.

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And The World Record For Breast Milk Donations Goes To … North Texas

The pasteurization and mixing lab at the Mothers Milk Bank of North Texas in Fort Worth.

Lauren Silverman/KERA News

The pasteurization and mixing lab at the Mothers Milk Bank of North Texas in Fort Worth.


Is there something in the water in Dallas-Fort Worth? Because according to Guinness World Records, several North Texas women are among the world’s most prolific producers of breast milk.

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Texas Drones Built To Save Lives

Drones have gotten international notoriety because of their ability to take out bad guys (and, at times, bystanders). Sometimes, they’re described as killing machines. But drones can also save lives. Two UNT professors have developed a drone for emergencies – it’s capable of providing Wi-Fi to storm-ravaged areas where telephone access is out. Read More


Your Smartphone Will See You Now: The Wild West Of Medical Apps

If you take a virtual stroll through the iTunes store or Google Play you will find nearly a hundred thousand health apps. Everything from fitness trackers to blood glucose monitors. Out of all these apps, only about 100 have been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration. Some lawyers are calling for more regulation.

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