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Assistant Professor Marcus Young (right) works with a student to analyze a silver-plated artifact.

Traditional Art Gets High Tech Nano-Scale Analysis

Spoons, forks, candelabra…The Dallas Museum of Art has the world’s largest collection of American silver objects from the 19th and 20th century. But curators and conservators don’t have much history on what they’re made of or how they were created. To investigate the artifacts, a scientist at the University of North Texas Dallas is using nano-scale tests.

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When Gil Stricklin started Marketplace Ministries in 1971, he had trouble getting one client. Now, he has chaplains in more than 1,000 cities and five countries.

Chaplains For The Factory Floor And Company Cubicle

Spiritual support, in the workplace?

Companies across the country have hired thousands of chaplains to offer spiritual support to employees.

Whether the chaplains are resolving issues in the office or at home,

These workplace chaplains talk religion, family, even football. And Dallas is headquarters hallowed ground for these workplace chaplains.

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Michaela Taylor, 19 cooking

A Taste Of African Heritage In Dallas

For six weeks, Dallas residents are dipping into the dishes that gave rise to Soul Food. It’s part of a cultural cooking class that aims to bring back traditional, healthy recipes from the African Diaspora.

*Scroll to the bottom for a recipe for blackened Okra and African Peanut Soup.

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