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The William M Steger Federal Building & US Courthouse in Tyler, Texas

Patent Trolls, Poachers And The Wild District of Eastern Texas

East Texas is known for its Piney Woods, Caddo Lake, maybe for sweet potatoes. It’s also the patent lawsuit capitol of the country. More patent infringement cases are brought to Eastern District courts than anywhere else. There’s pressure to root out the so-called “patent trolls”.

In part two of this story, to air Wednesday December 2nd, we report on what’s being done to reign in patent trolls in Texas. We’ll talk with Michelle Lee, the head of the US Patent and Trademark Office at its new outpost in Dallas.

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The REHEAL glove, being developed at the UT Arlington Research Institute.

A Healing Glove For Hand Injuries Takes Shape At UT Arlington

Treating complex hand wounds often involves wrapping gauze and bandages around the injury to the point of making any movement impossible. The “boxing glove” look is problematic because the joints in the fingers can easily become stiff — making it harder to recover mobility later on. Researchers at UT Arlington are developing a specialized glove that can deliver medicine to an injured hand to help speed up healing time and make the process less painful.

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Former Indiana Pacer Jonathan Bender at The Live Pitch in Indianapolis, Indiana in August.

The Live Pitch Coming To Dallas

Even with the connections of a former NBA player, becoming an entrepreneur isn’t easy.

“If it’s hard for me, I can imagine how hard it is for a normal individual just coming up with something,” Bender says.

Former NBA player Jonathan Bender is coming to Dallas and wants to hear your business ideas.

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Meet The Health Wildcatters Of 2015

Ten young companies from across the world snagged a spot in the 2015 class of Health Wildcatters. Some entrepreneurs have developed products – one for reducing the risk of stroke, another for easy eye exams – others, health services – like fast access to specialists through telemedicine and bilingual wellness programs for employers. Each company gets $35,000 in seed money and space to work for three months.

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Brain Performance Institute, To Open In Dallas In 2017, Promises Physicals For The Brain

This week, the Center for BrainHealth at the University of Texas at Dallas is starting construction on a new institute – and it’s shaped like a brain.

The elliptical, mostly glass building will be a place for healthy people, as well as those with a brain injury, to assess and enhance their brain function. The 62,000-square-foot facility is slated to open in the Dallas Medical District in the spring of 2017.

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