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When Gil Stricklin started Marketplace Ministries in 1971, he had trouble getting one client. Now, he has chaplains in more than 1,000 cities and five countries.

Chaplains For The Factory Floor And Company Cubicle

Spiritual support, in the workplace?

Companies across the country have hired thousands of chaplains to offer spiritual support to employees.

Whether the chaplains are resolving issues in the office or at home,

These workplace chaplains talk religion, family, even football. And Dallas is headquarters hallowed ground for these workplace chaplains.

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Michaela Taylor, 19 cooking

A Taste Of African Heritage In Dallas

For six weeks, Dallas residents are dipping into the dishes that gave rise to Soul Food. It’s part of a cultural cooking class that aims to bring back traditional, healthy recipes from the African Diaspora.

*Scroll to the bottom for a recipe for blackened Okra and African Peanut Soup.

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Ebola And Medical Mistakes

After two weeks of fearful medical news, Texas got some relief today. A sheriff’s deputy tested negative for Ebola. And no one else is showing symptoms.

That gives doctors and medical officials a little breathing room and a chance to look back at what might have gone wrong in the case of Thomas Eric Duncan.

In particular, why he was released hours after his first visit to the ER.

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Forensic Investigators Go Nano And Embrace The Joy Stick

New technology out of Texas is making it harder for criminals to cover their tracks. A University of North Texas chemistry professor has created a device for the U.S. Department of Justice to analyze the tiny particles of inks, paints, and other materials criminals use to create counterfeit documents. It’s called a nanomanipulator.

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Exomoon graphic

Where Are The Exomoons? UT Arlington Researchers Aim To Track Them Down With Radio Waves

After scientists discovered the nine planets in our solar system, and then re categorized Pluto as a dwarf planet… they moved on to finding planets in other parts of the galaxy. So far, they’ve discovered around 2,000 so-called exoplanets. Their luck hasn’t been as good with exomoons. But there’s a new research technique scientists at UT Arlington hope can help locate moons many light years away.

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