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John Rodakis and his son plant seeds in the backyard of their Dallas home.

Understanding Autism: A Father’s Search Beyond Genetics

John Rodakis, the Dallas father of a child with autism, was not looking to launch an investigation into autism. But that’s what happened after he began a quest to understand why his son’s autism symptoms changed dramatically while taking an antibiotic for strep throat.

Three clues led Rodakis to question traditional autism research.

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The living room of the SmartCare apartment in Arlington.

A Live In Lab To Test Aging In Place Technology

Instead of having to go to the doctors, how about a physical, every day, without having to do anything at all?

A 3-d mockup of the apartment shows the position of people walking on the sensor-packed floor.

Lauren Silverman/KERA News

A 3-d mockup of the apartment shows the position of people walking on the sensor-packed floor.

Starting this fall, a senior citizen will move in to a live-in laboratory in Fort Worth.

And from the moment they step foot onto the ceramic tiles, they’ll be monitored — helping researchers and nurses at UT Arlington determine the best ways to prevent falls, monitor bedsores, even changes in pulse.

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Kaitlyn Moore, 17, chats with her doctor at Children's in Dallas from  home.

After Transplant, Kids Connect From Home With Doctors

Long hospital stays and frequent checkups are a drag. And they’re especially hard on kids who often fall behind in school and miss spending time with friends. To help these patients stay home, Children’s Medical Center in Dallas is trying to connect with kids using video and Bluetooth after organ transplants.

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UNT Ph.D. candidate Jessica Beckham has spent years researching Texas bumblebee populations and observing how urban green spaces and community gardens are preserving different species.

Bumblebee Toes Help UNT Researcher Track Bee Population

If you like chili peppers, tomatoes or blueberries, you like bumble bees. The larger, hairier cousin of the honey bee is a social insect, and  especially good at pollinating the tasty crops mentioned above. What’s concerning is that bumblebees are on the decline, and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has designated the American bumblebee as a “species of greatest conservation need.”

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Jiya Bavishi, 6, is one of only a few kids in the U.S. to have an auditory brain implant (ABI).

New Technology Brings Sound To Little Girl

Nearly half of kids who are born deaf today use cochlear implants. Unlike hearing aids, these surgically implanted devices send signals directly to the nerves you use to hear. And while the electronic components have made it possible for many kids to hear, the surgery doesn’t work for everyone. Which is why some families are so excited about a new hearing technology, the auditory brainstem implant.

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