The Broken Hip

When an older person falls and breaks a hip, it’s a moment that changes everything.

Not just for patients, but for their families, too.

Falls are the leading cause of injury death for older Americans. One of every five people who breaks a hip after age 50 dies within a year.

For those who survive, it means a big life change.

It may mean leaving the home they’ve known for decades and moving into a nursing home or an assisted living facility. It may mean a role reversal: a parent who cared for children for so many years now is the one who needs help. It means tough conversations between patients and their families. It can also bring on financial challenges.

But there is hope.

There’s new research happening in Dallas-Fort Forth focusing on preventing falls and recovering from fractured hips faster.

In The Broken Hip, a KERA News Breakthroughs series, explore the stories of North Texans and their families who have experienced this dramatic life change.

And find out how to make your bedroom fall-proof in an interactive graphic by clicking here.

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