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Nearly 100 Years After Marijuana Was Made Illegal In Texas, Fight To Legalize Gets Stronger

Texas has some of the country’s strictest laws against marijuana — and they date back nearly 100 years. But new polls show growing support across the state to legalize marijuana use. This weekend, drug reform advocates are gathering in Dallas for the first major drug policy conference of 2014, hosted by Mothers Against Teen Violence. Read More

Too Hot For Inmates, And Some Guards In Texas Prisons

Summer heat is no joke for Texas inmates. The Dallas Morning News reports at least 14 died of heat exposure from 2007 to 2012. Despite years of complaints about housing facilities without air conditioning and numerous lawsuits, State officials say it’s too expensive to retrofit dozens of the state prisons that lack air conditioning.  Now, some guards are teaming up with the inmates they oversee to change the system.

Guards may join inmates in complaints over heat in Texas prisonsAUSTIN – Summer after summer, inmates haven’t been able to generate much sympathy over the sweltering conditions in prisons in tough-on-crime Texas. But prisoner advocates for the incarcerated hope they’ll have better luck with an unexpected ally: the guards who watch over them. The oddity of prison guards joining inmates

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